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Bank System

In order to gain access to bank you need to go to left down corner of a pvp zone and talk with npc Banker


The minimum level required to use it is Level 30. Its features allow you to:

  • Deposit money from your backpack to your bank balance (write deposit)
  • Withdraw money from your bank balance to your backpack (write withdraw)
  • Transfer money from your bank balance to other online players (write transfer)
  • Pay house and guildhall rent from your balance (its an option that is forever active and it will take your money from bank every month)
  • Reserve and pay the bid for the house or guildhall in an auction
  • Enable or disable the automatic bank payment:
- The automatic bank payment is a new optional feature that allows you to pay services:
- Entry to Safari Zones and National Park
- Pay ticket for all means of transport (train, ship, plane)