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You can buy house when you have or don't have DACC. Rent is not taken every month, but we still need to have required ammount of money in bank.

Command Description
alana res Buy House
alana grav "Nick Sell House to other player
alana sio "Nick Kick Character from your house
aleta grav Edit Door Rights
aleta sio Edit Guest List
aleta som Edit Sub-Owners
alana som Leave House


All commands.

Command Description
!commands Show you all guild commands
!online checks who is online from guild
!disband denouement of guild
!invite[Nick] Invite someone to guild
!leave leave guild
!kick[Nick] kick someone from guild
!revoke[Nick] canceling the invitation to guild
!demote[Nick] lowering the rank of the player
!promote[Nick] raising the rank of the player
!passleadership[Nick] handing over the guild leader
!nick[Nick, title] setup title
!setrankname[oldName, newName] change of the rank name
!setmotd[text] adding a guild description
!cleanmotd removing the guild description
!bc message displays a message in the middle of the screen to all players in the guild who are online


All commands have to be written in TV chat.

Command Description
/live password,{hasło} setting up a password for the channel
/live password,off removes the password from the channel
/live kick,{nick} throws the player out of the channel
/live ban,{nick} blocks player IP from before entering the channel
/live unban,{nick} removes the ban from the player
/live bans list of banned people
/live mute,{nick} blocks the sending of messages to the channel by a given player
/live unmute,{nick} removes the blockade for sending messages
/live mutes shows a list of players with a block to send messages
/live show shows the list of present players on the channel
/live status shows the transmission status


Command Description
!changeworld world server change
!catch pokemon checks the amount of throwed balls on pokemon
!saffari checks the remaining number of steps in saffari or national park
!uptime checks how long the server is online - since the last restart
!cd shows the cooldown of the pokemon that is taken out
fly up fly up
fly down fly down
t town teleports you to the chosen city
t house teleports you to your house
f Nick shows the distance from a given player
/release 0-5 change pokemon
g1/2/3/4 fly/swim/move on the north/south/east/west
!task pokemon shows remaining ammount of pokemons for chosen task
!daily shows our daily points and shows remaining time to the next daily quest
!forget pokemon cancel chosen task
!pokedex pokemon shows chosen pokemon dex
!tm number or name shows dex of the chosen tm
!whodrops item name shows from what you can obtain chosen item
!melee turn on / turn off distance fight (works only on pokemons that run while fighting)
!cloned shows time left on the cloned island
!cds allows to turn on / turn off colored cd stripes
!charms enable/disable used charms message
!slots shows us how many items we have and how many slots we have left
!ability name shows us a list of pokemon that have this ability
!make_autoloot a one-time use command that takes our entire loot to autoloot
!channels allows you to set the channels that will always turn on when you are logging in
!hide_team allows us to hide our pokemons in the player's profile, but at the same time we can't see other players' pokemons