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We gain experience thanks to killing pokemons, completing missions, and from fights with some NPCs. After gaining a certain amount of experience, we gain another lvl. Experience gain by our character and pokemons varies depending on our levels. Experience gained from missions, or from victorius duel with NPC is fixed and immutable.

Tabela doświadczenia wymaganego na poziom postaci oraz poszczególne Stage

Tabela exp postac.jpg

Table of experience required for the level of pokemon and individual Stage

Tabela exp pokemona.jpg

Sharing experience

We can share with someone experience points in so-called Shared exp. You can turn it on while being in party, without having "swords". Thanks to this options we can lvl up weaker pokemon. You just need to hit wild pokemon once and our friend kill him and experience points will share 50:50. However, there is a limit. You can turn it on only with player with max level difference of 30%, for example player with lvl 150 can be in shared exp with player that have minimal 105lvl.