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Acryla Doll Quest?Random Doll20 000 expa Possibility of selling dolls to NPC Poziom 1.gif
Adriana's Charmander25lvl60hdPoziom 1.gif
Ancient Pyramid40lvl, DACC, Surf70hdPoziom 3.gif
Apple Bite Collection10lvl15hdPoziom 1.gif
Ash's MissionKanto region Badges548hd 25 Full revives 110 000 expaPoziom 5.gif
Beginning Dex5lvl1 pokeballNiewykonalny.png
Beneath the Maze30lvl, DACC, Surf, Dive, Fly80hdPoziom 2.gif
Bill, Pokémon researcher20 lvl, Parasect. Tm normal.pngPoziom 2.gif
Blastoise Maze35lvl, DACC, Fly90hdPoziom 3.gif
Bone Tower20lvl35hdPoziom 1.gif
Bug Buzz Quest40lvl, DACC50hd10 000 expaTm bug.pngPoziom 3.gif
Burning House-Lsquirtle.gif10 000 expaPoziom 5.gif
Chef30lvl65hdPoziom 1.gif
Construction Materials25lvl80hdPoziom 1.gif
Daily Task-Item 2264.pngItem 2305.pngItem 2272.pngItem 2170.pngItem 10267.pngItem 10273.pngItem 2678.pngBronze PA CoinSilver PA CoinDawn stone.pngBox hoenn2.pngRazor fang.pngRazor claw.pngProtector.pngItem 11540.pngDeep Sea ScaleBox hoenn2.pngTm normal.pngItem 11528.pngX!spin machine 56031.pngPoziom 2.gif
Desert Underground40lvl, Training Alakazam, DACC, Surf200hdPoziom 3.gif
Elder Charizard50lvl, DACC, Fly, Find Hole150hd 100 ultra balliPoziom 4.gif
Elite FourDACC, Surf1221hd145 000 expa100 Full revive5 Rare candyItem 9941.pngItem flute dread.PNGItem flute snore.PNGPoziom 5.gif
Fighting for Pride80lvl100hdLchamp.gifLlee.gifLchan.gifPoziom 3.gif
Fishing rods30-80 FishingRod good.pngRod super.pngRod ultra.png16 000 expaPoziom 2.gif
Fossil Cavern40lvl, DACC, Rock Smash, Surf90hdPoziom 2.gif
Gary's FansAsh's Mission100hd 20 000 expaPoziom 1.gif
Gengar Mansion45lvl, DACC, Surf100hdPoziom 3.gif
Good Guy Hiker50lvl100hd15 000 expaTm rock.pngBp aerodactyl.pngPoziom 4.gif
Halle's Growlithe30lvl200hdPoziom 1.gif
Hungry menDACC, Surf25hdPoziom 1.gif
Hunting Task20-110lvl2780hd461 000 expaPoziom 3.gif
Ice Quest50lvl, DACC, Rock Smash, Dig, Surf100 Full revive 200hd 3 rare candy 100 super balli TM090 Icicle SpearPoziom 5.gif
Igloo Mission25lvlEntry to closed section of Saffari.Poziom 1.gif
Indigo League-Badges from KantoPoziom 2.gif
PA The Inquisition Quest160 lvl, access to 150+ zone, Rock Smash, Surf i Dive.Inqbox.png, OutfitPoziom 5.gif
Kimberly of Cinnabar50lvl195hd11 800 expa30 hyper potionówPoziom 2.gif
Leaves30lvl60hdPoziom 1.gif
Lightship20lvl55hdPoziom 3.gif
Mia and Mya's Place80lvl, DACC, Surf, DiveAccess to Mia and Mya's PlacePoziom 4.gif
New Medicine10lvl25hdPoziom 1.gif
Oak's Mission60lvlI!box 3.png 2 rare candy 10 000 expaPoziom 3.gif
Officer MaraRed Gem80hdPoziom 1.gif
PApoi Quest140lvl, DACC, Fly, Rock Smash, Find Hole, Mia and Mya's Place, PAnnihilator3 800hd250 000 expaPapoi box.png5 rare candy100 full revivePoziom 5.gif
Pewter Quest50lvl, Rock Smash150hdPoziom 4.gif
Plague at Celadon30lvl37hd 4 400 expaPoziom 1.gif
Pokeball Quest15lvl, Rock Smash25hd 9 ultra balli 15 super balli 30 great balli 45 pokeballiPoziom 1.gif
Pokemon Palace: Ice Room150lvl, DACC, Snorlax 130, Magmar 130, Electabuzz 130, Scyther albo Scizor 130.1 500hd Case green.gif Bp espeon.pngPoziom 1.gif
Pokemon Palace: Stone Room150lvl, DACC, Snorlax 130, Magmar 130, Electabuzz 130, Scyther albo Scizor 130.1 500hd Case blue.gif Bp umbreon.pngPoziom 1.gif
Private IslandsDACC, Cut, Surf, Dive, FlyAccess to private isles.Poziom 4.gif
Pokeflute Quest80lvl, DACC, Mia and Mya's Place, Surf, Dive, FlyItem 10215.pngPoziom 3.gif
Quest of the Elements100lvl, DACC,
Rock Smash, Surf, Fly, Charizard, Typhlosion, Alakazam, Gengar, Onix, Meganium, Jolteon, Vaporeon, Flareon
Possibility of using and training pokemons to level 130.Poziom 5.gif
Rocket's Hideout40lvlI!box 2.png 3039.png Outfit RocketPoziom 2.gif
Scarlett's Butterfree25lvl45hdPoziom 1.gif
Smeargle Quest-Increase of Smeargle's moveset up to 10 slots, 14 000 expa, Smeargle bagPoziom 2.gif
Southern Swamp20lvl, Cut45hdPoziom 2.gif
Spooky Dimension30lvl, DACC, Fly, Find Hole75hdTM146 Ominous WindPoziom 3.gif
Stone Quest50lvl, DACC, Surf, DiveItem 10245.gifPoziom 3.gif
35lvl DACC, SurfItem 10246.gifPoziom 2.gif
60lvlItem 10247.gifPoziom 3.gif
45lvl DACC, SurfItem 10289.gifPoziom 2.gif
35lvl, Rock SmashItem 10294.gifPoziom 2.gif
Swamp Menace25lvl150hd7 500 expa30 revivePoziom 2.gif
Tauros Farm20lvl25hdPoziom 1.gif
The birds' nest40lvl, DACC, Fly / Surf, Rock Smash100hdPoziom 3.gif
TM1980lvl, DACC, Dig, Surf, Dive270hd Tm grass.png 30 000 expaTM183 Leaf Tornado, Leafeon toyPoziom 4.gif
TM33130lvl, DACC, Surf200hd 4 rare candy 100 ultra balli 100 super balli 100 great balli Tm psychic.pngPoziom 5.gif
Training Alakazam40lvl, DACC, Surf50hdPoziom 3.gif
Training ground cinnabar 50lvl, Find Hole, Rock Smash100hd 20 revive80 ultra balliItem 2682.pngPoziom 4.gif
Training ground pewter 25lvl, Rock Smash40hd 10 revive20 ultra balliPoziom 4.gif
Venom Quest Service30lvl, Cut80hdPoziom 2.gif
Viridian Forest30lvl29hd 5 200 expaPoziom 1.gif
TM66 Quest30lvl, CutTM66 Parabolic ChargePoziom 2.gif
Cute Island50 lvl, Cute Island TicketPossibility of evolving Eevee to Sylveon, random fairy TMPoziom 3.gif
Master Rod QuestDACC, Fishing rods25805.gif 25471c31.gifPoziom 5.gif


Amphy10lvlPossibility of fight with JasminePoziom 1.gif
Avalanche Hazard100lvl, Dig, Rock SmashUmbreon's OutfitPoziom 2.gif
Chuck's Training60lvlFighter's outfitPoziom 2.gif
Black MarketItem 8820.png Random Doll Item 10273.pngRandom EggI!box 2.pngI!box 3.pngJbox 2.pngJbox 3.pngRandom TMPoziom 4.gif
Cliff Edge100lvl, DACC, Surf/Fly, Find HoleBp kakuna.pngTm steel.png30 full revive3 rare candyPoziom 5.gif
Delivery Express60lvlMotorbikePoziom 2.gif
Breeding Master Elm!40lvlJbox 2.png5 full revive30 000 expaPoziom 3.gif
Food ImprovementItem 8820.pngPoziom 2.gif
Happiness Island30lvl, DACCPossibility of evolving Eevee
into Umbreon or Espeon
Poziom 2.gif
Hunting Task 220-120lvlxxx hdxxx expaPoziom 3.gif
Illegal Business140hdPoziom 2.gif
Johto League-Badges from JohtoPoziom 2.gif
Lighthouse Entrance10lvlAccess to lighthouse.Poziom 2.gif
Mavis Skier40lvl, DACC, Fly30hd18 000 expa Outfit SkiPoziom 3.gif
Missing Software100lvl, DACC, Fly, DigItem 8890.png4 rare candy30 000 expaPoziom 4.gif
PAnnihilator130lvl, DACC, Cut, Rock Smash, Surf, DiveBp aerodactyl.pngTm ground.pngBp mewtwo.pngTm ghost.png Bp mew.pngTm ground.png Bp snorlax.pngTm grass.png3 rare candy500hdPoziom 5.gif
Pokemon Arena50-130lvl, DACC, Fly/SurfMedal bronze.gifMedal silver.gifMedal gold.gifTm water.pngTm fire.pngLamp gastly.gifLamp pikachu.gifBp dewgong.pngBp forretress.pngBp sandslash.pngBp victreebel.pngBp scizor.pngBp scyther.pngCloned ticket.pngDoll pidgeotto.pngDoll chansey.png350hd6 rare candy100 greay balli100 ultra potionów30 full revivePoziom 5.gif
Pokemon Festival50lvl, DigItem 2169.pngRandom DollPoziom 5.gif
PorygonZ Quest135lvl, Find Hole, Fly, SurfDubiousdisc.png,Porygon2 Toy, Porygon Bag Poziom 5.gif
Power Outage‎Lighthouse Entrance Quest250hdPoziom 2.gif
Relic of the Dragons80lvl,DACC, Surf, Dive305hdItem 8887.png41 000 expaPoziom 3.gif
Saving the SlowpokeItem 8889.pngPoziom 3.gif
Silph's Experiment120lvl, DACC, Fly, Surf, Rock Smash200hd3 rare candy50 000 expaItem 8888.pngPoziom 3.gif
Tails10lvl55hd1 600 expa Poziom 1.gif
Team Rocket's new plan80lvl, DACC, Surf, Fly, Find HoleJbox 3.png3 rare candy100 rocket balliPoziom 3.gif
The Atonement10lvlRandom Doll30hdPoziom 2.gif
The Pokemon Paradox50lvl, DACC, Fly, Surf, Dive, CutSleeping gengar plush.gif300hdEgg golden pokemon.gif2 rare candyPoziom 1.gif
The Yellow Hall60lvl, DACC, Surf, Cut, Rock Smash10 full revive300hdX-AttackPoziom 4.gif
Training ground cianwood75lvl, DACC, Cut, Surf, Dive200hd 50 revive100 ultra balli Poziom 4.gif
Treasure hideout80lvl, DACC, Surf, Dig, Rock Smash, FlyCase yellow.gifBp sneasel.png2 rare candyPoziom 3.gif
Frond Island Quest135lvl, DACC, Rock Smash One TM to choose from: TM123 Magical Leaf, TM116 Liquidation, TM112 Flame Blitz Poziom 4.gif
Roto ExpPoints held quest210 lvl, Cut, Rock Smash, SurfRoto Exo.PointsRoto Exp.PointsPoziom 4.gif
Comet Shard held quest200 lvl, Cut, Rock Smash, SurfComet ShardComet ShardPoziom 4.gif
Life Orb held quest190 lvl, Cut, Rock Smash, Surf, 5 green powderLife OrbLife OrbPoziom 4.gif
Soda Pop held quest250 lvl, Cut, Rock Smash, Surf, 5 white powderSoda PopSoda Pop, 500hdPoziom 4.gif
TM Case17 quest200 lvl, Cut, Rock Smash, Surf, 5 red powderCase silver.gifPoziom 4.gif
100 000 000 BC Quest140 lvl, Minning, Surf, Dive, DACC, Twin Rocket Ticket, Finished Sail Fossil Quest, Dex:(Kabuto, Kabutops, Omanyte, Omastar, Aerodactyl, Lileep, Cradily, Anorith, Armaldo, Cranidos, Rampardos, Amaura, Aurorus), Eevee 40+Tyrunt, TM074 Falling RocksPoziom 3.gif
Carracosta Aquarium140 lvl,Surf, Dive, DACC, 250HD, Finished 100 000 000 BC Quest. TM118 Tsunami, 100k exp, access to Tirtouga, CarracostaPoziom 3.gif

Orange Archipelago

Acid hell40lvl, DACC, Dig, Fly/Surf50hdPoziom 2.gif
Ghost ship80lvl, DACC, DigItem 2682.png35hd100 Super balliPoziom 2.gif
FiresilverDACC Random Water TM 30 000 expa Poziom 3.gif
Mandarin mountains50lvl, 70lvl, 85lvl, DACC, Rock Smash270hd 2 Rare candies 300 ultra balls 250 super balls 50 great balls 50 revives 15 full revives 20 ultra potions 70 ultra potionsPoziom 5.gif
Rats in Trovitopolis25lvl, Rock Smash15hdPoziom 2.gif
Rocket plan 3DACC, 50lvl400hd50 000 expaPoziom 4.gif
TM125 Venoshock QuestDACC, 175lvl, Dig, Teleport, Cut, Fly lub SurfTM125 Venoshock,5 rare candy, Golden Muk StatuePoziom 5.gif
TM115 Brine QuestDACC, 200lvl, Dig, Teleport, Cut, Fly lub SurfTM115 Brine, Wizard BearPoziom 5.gif
Imprisoned - Legends of the Hidden CityDACC, 200lvl, Dig, Fly or Surf Puppeteer Outfit, TM31 Brick Break, Magmarizer or TM73 Feint, Electirizer Poziom 5.gif


TM06 Quest40 lvlTM06 ToxicPoziom 2.gif
TM50 QuestDACC, Surf, Find Hole, 90 lvlTM50 OverheatPoziom 4.gif
TM52 QuestDACC, Surf, Fly, 50 lvlTM52 Aqua JetPoziom 2.gif
TM70 QuestDACC, 90 lvlTM70 Flash CannonPoziom 3.gif
Ice Tower QuestDACC, Fly/Surf, 50 lvl100hd, Froslass bag, Frozen starlightPoziom 3.gif
Metagross toy QuestDACC, Fly, Rock SmashMetagross toyPoziom 2.gif
Medicham toy QuestDACC, Fly, 55 lvl1 Rare candy, Medicham toyPoziom 3.gif
Walrein toy QuestDACC, Fly, Surf, DigWalrein toyPoziom 3.gif
Gyarados trophy QuestDACC, Dive, Surf80hd, Gyarados Trophy, Mudkip bagPoziom 2.gif
Hoenn Box 2 QuestDACC, Rock Smash, 50 lvl40hd, Box hoenn2.png Hoenn Box 2, 10k ExpPoziom 2.gif
Hoenn Box 3 QuestDACC, Find Hole, Surf, 90 lvlHoennbox3.png Hoenn Box 3Poziom 3.gif
Hoenn League-Badges from Hoenn region Poziom 2.gif
Aga's Hell QuestDACC, Find Hole, 120lvlTmc6.gif + Shinystone.gif, Item 10273.png, Item 2682.png lub Tmc7.gif + Tmancientpower.gif, Item 10273.png, Item 2682.pngPoziom 5.gif
Plusle and Minun QuestDACC, FlyPossbility of linking Pluse and Minun into one PokemonPoziom 4.gif
PAnnihilator v2DACC, 180 lvl, Dig, Surf, Rock SmashTM102 Psyblast, TM101 Epicenter, TM104 Blast Burner, TM83 Grassy TerrainPoziom 5.gif
Stolen ReplicaDACC, 130 lvl, Fly, SurfAccess to Rampardos spawn and Skull FossilPoziom 1.gif
Botanics StudiesDACC, 40 lvl, Eevee lvl 40Possibility to evolve Eevee into LeafeonPoziom 3.gif
Below Zero QuestDACC, 40 lvl, Eevee lvl 40Possibility to evolve Eevee into GlaceonPoziom 3.gif
Sail Fossil QuestDACC, 40 lvl+, Eevee 40 lvl+Possibility to get Sail Fossil and hatch fossil in AmauraPoziom 3.gif
Ripple Rock Island QuestDACC, 70 lvl+, Surf, DivePiplup bag, 150 Ultra balls, Wailord toy, 250HDPoziom 2.gif



Getting familiar with AlolaDACCUnlocking possibility of catching pokemons from alola,

Starter from Alola region,

1x Zygarde Cell
Poziom 2.gif
Alola SchoolDACC, ??? lvlRandom TM, 50k exp, Zygarde CubePoziom 2.gif
Lima's TrialDACC, ??? lvl, finished Getting familiar with Alola, SurfFightinium Z, Normalium ZPoziom 3.gif
TM116 QuestDACC, 165 lvl, Dig, Rock SmashTm water.png, Magical fishing rodPoziom 4.gif
TM61 QuestDACC, 65 level, Rock SmashTm poison.pngPoziom 3.gif
Tapu Koko's TempleDACC, finished Alola School, PA The Inquisition Quest, PApoi QuestAccess to Tapu Koko respawnPoziom 3.gif
TM Case 12 questDACC, 170 lvl, Rock SmashCase silver.gif, Alolan Vulpix Figurine, Poziom 5.gif
Zygarde QuestCompleted Alola SchoolZygarde Cells, Poziom 5.gif


TM124 questDACC, 170 levelSteenee Bag, Tm grass.png, Item 2682.pngPoziom 3.gif
Kiawe's trialDACCFirium ZPoziom 4.gif
Lana's trialDACC, Rod good.pngWaterinium ZPoziom 2.gif
Mallow's trialDACC, Lillipup, Herdier or StoutlandGrassium ZPoziom 4.gif
Grand trialDACC, Finished Kiawe's trial, Lana's trial, Mallow's trialRockium ZPoziom 2.gif
Tapu Lele's templeDACC, finished Grand trial and Tapu Koko's TempleAccess to Tapu Lele respawnPoziom 3.gif


TM132 Quest215lvl, 70k hd, Surf, Cut, DACCTM132 Psychic TerrainPoziom 3.gif


Ditto Memory Card QuestProfessor OakMemorycard.png Memory Card, slots for Ditto
Designer Workshop QuestDesignerPossibility of creating floors and wallpapers for house, also addon items and new outfits.