Namelock Tutorial

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Reason For Namelock

When creating an account/character name(s) the following must be considered:

~ Current Staff (no GM impersonation ~ bannable offense)
~ Objectionable Language (racist, profanity, derogatory, sexual content)
~ Non-sense random letters names

Players with names that have been created and that are deemed inappropriate will be removed or name-locked without any previous notice by a PAdventures Staff member.

How to choose new nickname

Once you get namelocked you will be kicked from your character
After that once you log in you will be in that state:
Then you just have to write a new name that you want to have on your character:
If you get an error it means that:
- Your nickname contains invalid symbols
- Your nickname is too short
- Your nickname is too long
- There's a player with that name taken
If you have correctly chosen your name just write "Yes"
Then log out and enjoy your new nickname