Newcomers Guide

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0. Introduction

Hello there If you just started or planning to start your journey, you can read that short tutorial in order to learn basic things about game!

1. Client

To get better knowledge about client, check this site:
Gui Interface (click)

2. Creating character

If you don't know which pokemons and place you should choose, consider:

*Celadon -> Treecko+Turtwig+Snorunt

Places to exp:

1. Beach and spawn on south of celadon

2. Fishing

3. Weepinbells around city

*Vermilion -> Piplup+Turtwig+Snorunt

Places to exp:

1. Possibility to travel to Cinnabar (way described in 7th point) and hunt fire pokemons there

2. Fishing

3. Weepinbels around city

*Lilycove -> Snorunt+Hoothoot+Mareep

1. Weepinbells on west of city (be careful about other stronger pokemons there!)

2. Fishing

However, feel free to select pokemons and city which you want!

3. Catching system (balls+system)

a. How does it work?

Everything here depends on luck. Anyway, bonus catch might help you to catch some pokes and whole system is basing on NPC prices of the pokemons and pokeballs. For further informations, check this LINK (click).

b. Catch rates of balls:

Pokeball / Safari balls used out of safari - x1

Great balls / Safari balls used on safari / Phantom balls - x2

Super balls - x3

Ultra balls - x4

Rocket balls - x5

4. Evolving pokemons

In order to evolve your pokemon, you need to hold ctrl and click into your released pokemon. Then select "Evolve".


Remember that your pokemon has to be experienced enough to evolve. You can check level of its evolution in pokedex.

5. Selling items and pokemons

You can sell almost every item dropped from wild pokemons. Depends on loot you can sell it to:
NPC Juanito - (basic drop):
NPC Gaby - (items from kanto):
NPC Armando (items from johto):
NPC Frugo (items from Hoenn):
NPC Santiago (buying pokemons):
NPC Flint (plates and stones):

Every NPC (besides Flint) can be found in Celadon and Flint is placed in Pewter.

You can also change your basic loot to essences to save space in your bag.

Also you can sell these essences to NPC Elementalia in Lavender/Ecruteak/Slateport. Elementalia (Lavender):


Keep in mind that price is the same like before change!

6. Traveling between cities and regions

You can travel between cities/regions:

a) plane - used to travel between regions. Airports are located in Pewter / Azalea / Rustboro.

b) train - used to travel between cities in Kanto region.

c) boat/ship - used to travel between cities in Hoenn region, also for travel between Vermilion-Cinnabar and Olivine-Cianwood.

7. Fishing rod

In order to get better fishing rod, you should visit Fishing Guru (placed in Cinnabar). To get there, you need take a boat from Vermilion, NPC Ralfo.

Ralfo (ship):


Fishing Guru:


After some tasks and missions you will receive your new fiishing rod.

8. Discovered map


In order to have whole discovered map in client, you gotta download this FILE (click).

SCAN: LINK (click).

Close client, go to C:\Users\user_name\padclient and replace your old map with downloaded one.

Open once again client and enjoy your discovered map!

Map by Lord Sqnik.

9. Maps with respawns

Here you can find maps with respawns:


Click to open map


Click to open map

10. Autoloot

Whole loot which you drop from wild pokemons DONT go to your inventory.

To open the autoloot window, RIGHT click on the autoloot icon


Autoloot window explained


- On the left planel you will find a list of your autolooted items.

- On the top right panel you will find item details and item options.

- On the bottom right panel you will find details and options about the autoloot system.

Enable / disable autoloot

You can enable or disable the autoloot system using the autoloot icon or from the autoloot window by marking the option "enable autoloot".

Selling items

There are 3 different ways to sell items from the autoloot window.

Sell by item

To sell by item, select an item from the list, click the sell button at the item panel:


Select the amount you want to sell


then click OK


  • not all items can be sold from the autoloot windows (valuable items like TMs cannot be sold from here, items with no price cannot be sold from here)
  • the confirm button is to set the value.

Sell all

The sell all button will sell all the items marked with the option "sell automatically"



Sell automatically

Items can be sold at the same moment you loot them, to do this you need to mark the item with the option "sell automatically"


and enable the autosell system too


then kill normally


Autoloot balance

All the money from selling items in the autoloot window goes to your "autoloot balance", you can withdraw this balance by clicking on the withdraw button located in the autoloot options panel


select the amount of money you want to withdraw


and click ok


  • if you don't have enough space in your backpack to receive all the money, it will be transfered to your locker!

Withdraw items

To withdraw an item, select the item from the list, click the withdraw button at the item panel:


Select the amount you want to withdraw


then click OK


  • the confirm button is to set the value.
  • if you don't have enough space in your backpack to receive all the items, they will be transfered to your locker!

12. Bank System

You can deposit all your money to the bank (NPC placed in south-west part of PVP).

In order to read more about bank system, open this post.

13. Forum

We advice you to create account on official game's forum:
to be able to read news, update changelogs, taking a part in duscissions important of the game or not.
There are also forum contests which you may be interested in.
Else, forum is a place, where you should report any bug related to game or to your character.