Test Room

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How to get to the Test Room

Enter the PVP.
Before you enter the teleport you have to put away all the pokemons that you have with you.

How to create a pokemon


1] Here you choose the pokemon (at the bottom you can write the name).
2] Here you choose the level (you need to use your mouse scroll).
3] Here you choose TM1 and TM2.

Pokemon receives random ability, so if you want a specific one keep making them over and over.

How to create an enemy


1] Here you choose a pokemon on which you can test the one that you created.
2] Here you choose the level of the enemy pokemon.(you need to use your mouse scroll)
3] Here you choose the number of enemies from 1 to 5

How to leave Test Room

You cannot leave while you have a pokemon out of the pokeball.