Charms system

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With latest update charm system have been implemented, charms give different bonuses, currently there are 12 charm types:


- Each Pokemon has different tasks to get/upgrade a charm.
- You can take maximum 4 tasks at the same time.
- To upgrade the tier of a charm you must complete the task of the same level again.
- To unlock tasks of the next level you must complete previous task at least once before.
- Some charms are only available at tasks of level 3.
- Charms of higher level tasks are stronger.
- Maximum tier of a charm is 3.
- After completing the tasks 3 times it will reach max tier and the task can't be taken again.
- You can drop tasks any time.
- You can reset charms, but if you do you must complete the task again.
- Reseting charms cost 1 ten thousand dollar the first 3 times, after third reset it costs 1 diamond.
- Not all charms work during duels, you can find this info in their tooltip.
- Some charms have a cooldown during duels.
- Some charms have two different effects, player must select what effect to use when enabling it.
- Maximum 3 charms can be enabled at the same time, 1 charm per Pokemon.
- If you have more than 1 charm enabled that works in pvp, just one be used randomly.

Keywords in tooltip:
user = all my X have chance to EFFECT to/from any pokemon
tasked pokemon = all my pokemon have chance to EFFECT to/from X

Additional information

You can find useful information by hovering on the "warning" sign
To get a charm, take a task and then report it once completed:
You can cancel the task any time by "control" + right click on the "report button"
You can find more useful information by hovering on the charm, for example:
- How to enable/disable/reset a charm?
- What does a charm do, charm cooldown, etc.
You can find a list of all your owned charms in the main window of Pokedex. (enabled charms are shown first in the list)
You can check the progress of your tasks in the Pokedex.