Aga's Hell Quest

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  • Items: 40 Dragon skulls, 40 Altaria's wings, 40 Swellow's Pens, 50 Moon powders, 30 Nightmare Gems, 70 Seviper's tails 80 Grumpig's tails, 30 Ninjask's Wings, 30 Fearow's pens and 10 Milotic's scales.
  • 120 lvl
  • Pokemon with ability Find Hole
  • Pokemon with ability Fly or Surf
  • Pokemon with ability Dig
  • Team with some players.
  • Pokemons Salamence, Ludicolo, Flygon i Tangrowth, all of them on at least 120 level.


Whole mission starts in Slateport, then we need to there:


In place on image number 1 you can find a hole, under the tree. On image number 2, in pointed spot there's hole on which you need to use Dig. When you are already in second hole, you need to follow the way from screen.


Whole team should go to the place marked with black star. One person has to go to black triangle, and two (can be one) people to black arrow. Person who goes to triangle needs 70 Seviper's tails, 80 Grumpig's tails and 30 Ninjask's Wings. Tails to unlock stone on the way, and wings to unlock stone for whole team, which is placed marked on screen by black star. One person with guards should block that stone for people who went to triangle and arrow. Map for person from arrow which marked with number 1, has to unlock three stone marked by white circle. IT HAS TO BE DONE IN CORRECT ORDER. Namely it has to be started from left side, where you need 40 Dragon skulls and 40 Altaria's wings. At the end of short way you will find boss which has to be killed 1 vs 1. After killing first boss, stone will get unlocked and has to be blocked by players as fast as its possible. Then player has to defeat second boss, from south room. (50 Moon powders and 30 Nightmare Gems), and then room at right side (needed 40 Swellow's pens and 30 Fearow's pens). Scheme is exactly the same like with first stone. After killing three bosses, all three stones will be unlocked. After we pass these stones, we have to go the right, directly to stairs.


Then follow the white arrow, DON'T ENTER THE TELEPORT (curious people will regret...). Close to the teleport we need find a hole, using pokemon with ability Find Hole


When you already enter the hole, which was opened with ability Find Hole, whole team should go to the triangle with pokemons needed to open second stone (Salamence, Ludicolo, Tangrowth, Flygon, 1 is for tangrowthowi, 2 for salamence, 3 for ludicolo, and 4 for flygono). One person has to go with 10 Milotic's Scales to the star, there put scales and then pull the lever, which will open first stone. Then whole team can go the room behind the stones. There you need to use one of crystlas. After that Mega Sceptile will appear. When boss is killed, whole team will be teleported to room with rewards.


In left chest we can find TM Case 6 and Shiny Stone, and in the right one TM case 7 and TM Ancient Power.